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Q.I am travelling with my family. Are they able to come on the tour?

A.For non surfing companion the cost is IDR350,000 per person. There is shade and a small store at most of our surf points, however please note the weather is warm and there is generally no air conditioning. We do not recommend bringing along smal children or babies. Please consider one of our alternative optional tours for your family as well.

Q.Can I borrow a surf board?

A.Yes. Please check the DEKOM SURF GUIDE to check the correct board for your weight and height. Please request your rental board at the time of application. Rentals fees are listed in the surf guide.
Rental Rates

Q.Bali is the land of everlasting summer, but is the water warm? Do I need a wet suit?

A.The water temperarture does change during the year, and is lower from October from July, and a rashguard is necessary. After this period you will only need board shorts. As the sun is strong we recommend taking appropriate measures such as sunscreen, a t-shirt or rashguard.

Q.I hear that there are lots of reef points, do I have to take reef boots?

A.There are a lot of reef points and you can use boots if you wish to avoid any injury, however most surfers in Bali are not using boots. It’s not necessary.

Q.Is payment only Japanese yen? Can I pay in Dollars or Rupiah?

A.・The payment in dollars and Indonesian rupiahs is also possible. The exchange rate will be calculated by the previous days rate.

Q.Is there a point even a beginner can enjoy?

A.Using our local network connections we check the status of waves each morning. We will find out the best point for beginners..

Q.Is there a place I can keep my valuables?

A.You keep it in the WARUN(restaurant) at each surf point. We do not recommend bringing your passport or any large sums of money.

Q.Am I covered by insurance in case of injury?

A.We can provide personal insurance for our customers aged between 6 and 65. The insurance coverage covers up to $25,000 USD in the case of death/and or permanent disability, and up to $2,500 USD for injury. We take safety very seriously and have every precaution in place to avoid any injuries. We strongly recommend, however, that you come prepared with personal travel insurance.

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