~Flow of a Surf guide service~

1. Meeting at the hotel lobby

The assigned surf guide from DEKOM SURF will pick you up at your hotel at the arranged time.
He will explain the situation for the day, and decideon the most suitable point.

2. Departure

Usually departure is around 7 am, so if you can’t have breakfast at the hotel,
you can get something to eat at the local convenience store on the way (at your own cost).

3. Arrival

4. Good wave!!

Before getting in the water, the surf guide will talk about the surf point.
They will let you know if there are reefs, rocks or a strong current.

5. Let’s surf!

You may be nervous heading in to the first point,
but please don’t worry as our surf guide will go with you and support you.

6. Enjoy surfing!

All of Dekom surf guides are top local surfers.
You can also ask them about surf skills and tecnique, they are there to help and assist you.

We also have the option of taking an amazing water shot with a professional photographer.
It can become a great lasting memory of your DEKOM SURF trip!

7. The 1st round over

Fabulous Bali!

8. Time for lunch

Enjoy local Food of Bali..

Try Nasi Champu, rice with an assortment of side dishes.
We will eat lunch in a local restaurant where you can experience the real flavour of Balinese food.

9. Let’s go the 2nd round!

We will now try a different surf point.
Please note that not all full day tours will include two surf locations
as it depends on the conditions and level of the group.

10. Arrival at 2nd point

We have arrived at the next point.
We can’t see the wave because it’s an outer reef point.
However, from our gathered information, it should be a great wave.

We get on a canoe and go out to the point.

11. Here we go!

Good wave!?

A good goofy wave of Goofy breaks at the first point.
But there are a few too many surfers
Your surf guide will recommend you move to a different point that is less congested.

12・Here we are!

We arrive at a regular point within 10 minutes.
It’s a good wave and there are no surfers!

13. 2nd round reef point

Even though it’s a reef point, you don’t have to worry.
You will be accompanied by your surf guide and the canoe is standing by all the while near the point,
so you can return anytime.

14. Private point

As we can move around with our canoe
we may come across a point that is completely free of other surfers,
giving you the experience of surfing your own private point!

15. 2nd round finished

After 2 hours of surfing, we return by canoe.

A great day of surfing.

By the time we have finished and changed it’s sunset.
A beautiful time to be on the beach.

16. Return to the hotel

Thank you so much! We are looking forward to seeing you again in Bali!!

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